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Financial planning for Executives

It’s easy for busy entrepreneurs to overlook the need to plan and organise their own finances as well as those of their business. We provide a bespoke financial planning service to business owners, directors and their families, providing advice on important areas of personal finance such as investments, pensions, retirement and tax planning.

It is often senior employees who are most impacted by changes in rules and legislation. We will ensure that you are fully informed about anything that could impact on you.

Too many people sleepwalk into unintended consequences because they weren’t kept informed. Our careful planning and regular reviews will ensure that you remain on track to reach your goals and are fully aware of changing rules.

Our Executive Service includes:

  • An initial presentation at board/senior level by one of our specialist financial planners
  • A comprehensive fact find exercise to consider goals and aspirations of each individual
  • Preparation of a financial plan that is designed to target those goals
  • Regular review meetings to re-assess changing goals and ensure you remain on track
  • Specialist areas of financial advice typically suited to higher earning employees

Legal services

This service covers all aspects of company and commercial law, including important matters like shareholder agreements, offered by a team of experienced corporate lawyers.

Personal taxation

It is the obligation of every taxpayer to assess their own liability to tax.

Knowing when to make a payment, how much to pay or what to do if you think you have paid too much can be confusing. Ever-changing legislation and regulation leaves many taxpayers unsure where they stand with regard to taxation and reliefs, which can result in excessive payments or unforeseen tax bills.

This service gives you the peace of mind in knowing that everything is handled with up-to-date knowledge and expertise and you will benefit from the availability of expert legal and tax advice in the workplace.

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