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We provide our clients with an employee benefits website for use by their employees. It can be accessed from their pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone, 24/7. Employees can log into this site to find generic explanatory details of all the benefits that are offered to them, with links to specific resources.

The website serves as a helpful, detailed resource that gives employees the opportunity to gather important information about the benefits they currently receive, as well as those that they might wish to take up in the future.

The portal also provides access to a knowledge centre, providing access to a wealth of financial information, including news updates and commentary on everything from tips on saving tax to the content of the Chancellor’s Budget speech. Employees can browse articles and read up-to-date research on a wide range of topics, all designed to provide advice and insight into the practical aspects of managing their financial affairs.

This is a really valuable method for employees to gain knowledge of a wide range of subjects whilst also having access to useful resources (will writing etc) at favourable rates.

Click here to see an example of our employee benefits website.


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