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HR Audit

Includes a comprehensive review of your HR policies, employee contracts and employment handbook, and gives you the confidence of knowing that your documentation is fully compliant with current legislation.

You also have access to external HR specialists for all those projects that your own HR team don’t have time to do.

Accounting audits, payroll services

Businesses need help with their accounting requirements, but don’t want or need to employ someone directly to perform these duties. This service gives you the convenience of access to a range of professional accountancy services at favourable rates.

Foreign Exchange service

Many businesses regularly have currency requirements for overseas transactions. Accessing this service provides clients with expert foreign exchange support and advice.

We offer you access to the expertise of experienced professionals with the best knowledge who will advise you on the best way to make your currency transactions.

Insurance quotation service

Designed to help you compare and buy insurance, either online or over the phone, it offers customised insurance quotations and tailored cover at competitive premiums.

Cancer checks

Gives access to early diagnostic tests and valuable cancer awareness information that can provide valuable peace-of-mind to executives and their families.

This service is hugely popular with many of the UK’s biggest companies. Not only is this a valuable employee benefit with obvious advantages for your staff, but it is also a way of protecting your company.

Early detection of problems can avoid a difficult and costly situation at a later date when you may otherwise need to recruit and train new people, either permanently or temporarily.

We help you reduce the risk of this happening

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