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As businesses mature, they face a continuing need to devise and implement well-thought-through strategies that will help sustain their competitive advantages.

At this point in the business cycle, we often find ourselves asked to advise the owners, helping them develop the right strategies to enable them to tax-efficiently enjoy the fruits of their labours. This means in practice that we regularly work alongside other professional such as accountants and solicitors to ensure that all the most advantageous avenues are comprehensively explored.

Helping to maintain effective business planning strategies

We will show you how you can benefit from the funds you have built up over the years within the business, putting in place provision for your future through in-depth estate and wealth planning whilst taking advantage of all the legitimate tax efficient allowances to which you are entitled.

Forward planning is important in any successful business. At this stage you might start to think about what will happen when you are ultimately winding down. You’ll need to put in place a plan that involves relying more on management and executives. We will work with both you and them to do the financial planning that will be required for this transition.

At the same time, we’ll help you address the problems that could arise from other commonly-encountered business risks, like the illness or death of a key employee.

Any effective and comprehensive programme of financial advice will also take into consideration the needs of employees. We know from experience that businesses that have in place good remuneration planning strategies often fair better in periods of economic challenge, and are more likely to attract and retain skilled employees through the good and bad times. We will hold regular reviews with you, during which we will also appraise your existing benefit structure to determine whether it is still suitable for your current needs.

We offer the complementary skills needed to ensure that there’s a robust financial planning strategy in place for you and your employees. Our areas of expertise also corporate investments and tax planning.