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Employee protection

Employers can choose to include several complementary benefits to ensure that their workforce is protected against a variety of risks.  We can help with all aspects of employee protection.

Life assurance

Offering valuable financial assistance on death, group life policies have long been recognised as a major employee benefit that can help families at a difficult time This type of policy pays a tax -free lump sum to your family should you die while employed by the company. Cover is normally based based on a multiple of salary. We’ll talk you through the options and recommend a benefit that suits your company and your staff.

Income protection

With state benefit provision representing only a basic safety net, we advise businesses on group income protection schemes to cover any number of employees, providing a steady income during their absence due to illness or injury, enabling them to recover free from financial concerns. This helps you to ensure that anyone struck down by a long-term illness continues to be paid.

Critical illness

Many employers also choose to offer critical illness cover in the event of an employee being diagnosed with a specific medical condition.

Figures for the UK show around 1,000 people a day receive a diagnosis of cancer and over 250,000 suffer heart attacks or strokes every year. It’s a fact that you are more likely to be struck down by a critical illness than you are to die.

A critical illness policy would provide a tax-free lump sum if you were to be diagnosed as suffering from a serious illness as defined in the policy. There are no restrictions as to how the lump sum can be used, so it could go towards paying off a mortgage, cover household bills, pay for additional childcare, enable you to consider working part-time, or allow you to make alterations to your home. We will help you to protect your employees and their families.

Private Medical Insurance

Fast access to diagnosis and medical treatment can give employees and their families the peace of mind of knowing that if specialist care is required you can benefit from a wide range of treatments and the wait won’t be too long.

We will talk you through the various options and will recommend and establish a scheme that best suits your company.

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