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At Richmond House Corporate Services, our extended offering means that firms can offer their employees an innovative, benefits package with a range and breadth of services to rival those provided by much larger employers.

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“ I was most impressed with your thorough and detailed report in your formal pension recommendations. I agree with the proposals you have made and would like you to proceed on this basis. Thank you for your advice and assistance, I am very pleased with the outcome. ”
Mr I D, High Wycombe
“ I have to let you know that over the years, the one rock steady thing in my life has been Richmond House and how you have all been there to help me make the right financial decisions at the right time. ”
Augustino (Gus) Bove,
“ The personal pension is one of my major savings accounts for later life and it is very reassuring to know that is well looked after and actively managed by the excellent team at Richmond House ”
Geoff Stilwell, Partner of Brown & Lee Chartered Surveyors

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