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Start up

Getting a new business idea off the ground requires a lot of hard work and determination.

We understand that the day-to-day demands of running a new business can be all-consuming. But how do you ensure that you’re competitive and an attractive company to work for? We work with business owners to put together the whole remuneration package. Potential employees typically now look at the whole package – what are the working conditions like and what employee benefits are provided.

A further key consideration for the owners of new companies is to ensure that they are adequately protected from common business risks, make the right pension provision, and don’t forget to make plans for their own financial needs too.

Plans you’ll need to put in place

There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting out in business and it’s important to get the basics right from the outset.

It’s never too early to think about pensions, and under the new rules everyone should have a plan in place from the day they start work. We can help you make the right pension provision for your needs and for any staff you recruit.

We’ll also work with you to protect you and the future of your business.

The help and advice we offer

We work with businesses of all types and from all sectors of the economy. We appreciate that their requirements will differ, and so too will the help we provide. So, if you’re keen to work with an expert team that has a clear understanding of business issues, and operates to high professional standards, we think you’ll find the service we offer could be just what you and your business needs.