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In most organisations, access to a workplace pension is an integral and valued element of any employee benefits package. With the introduction of automatic enrolment, the decision regarding workplace pensions often rests on which scheme or schemes is right for the organisation and employees.

We can recommend the most appropriate pension arrangements for the needs of your whole workforce. Ensuring that people understand how their pensions work is a key part of our role. We’ll explain it all without using jargon and will dispel the myths that sometime prevail. As with any employee benefit, the more your employees understand the benefit, the greater their appreciation and the better value you get for the money spent.

A range of pension options to choose from

Since 2012, following the introduction of auto-enrolment pension schemes, workers have had an added incentive to save for retirement. There are now over 6.5 million people saving into work-place schemes.

By 2018, all employers will have to provide a pension that they as well as the employee contribute to. We’ll help you understand your options and choose the best scheme for your company.

Tax relief will help boost pensions savings

Any employer deductions from salary will benefit your employees as an additional deposit from the government into the employee’s pension pot. At higher rates of tax, your employee can claim back tax at their highest rate via their tax return.

At retirement,25 per cent of the pension pot can typically be withdrawn tax-free.

More and more people are realising that it’s never too late to act on their retirement planning, or too early to put their pension arrangements on track.

Pension freedoms

In recent years, an increasing number of options have been made available for those wanting to take money from their pensions. With options, come complications. We will help your employees chose the right option for their own circumstances.

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