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Attracting and retaining good employees is not just limited to the salary on offer. Increasing consideration is now given to the whole remuneration package on offer.

Our service offers a cost effective and flexible solution to host all of your employee benefits in one location, branded and tailored for your company, with a range of packages to suit your company’s cultural and business objectives. We acknowledge that when it comes to offering benefits, one size doesn’t fit all; at different times of their life and as family circumstances change, different benefits will be important to your employees.

Employees can access a wide range of benefits for their staff, including highly-valued benefits such as private medical insurance, health-screening, gym membership, childcare vouchers, new car schemes, will-writing, retail discounts and cycle to work schemes.

We work with employers to create awareness of these attractive perks amongst their employees, increasing commitment and employee engagement.

The schemes are managed and fully administered in-house – providing you with peace of mind that your employees will be completely satisfied and leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

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