Keyman Assurance – Looking beyond the perceptions

I was prompted to write after reading Legal & General’s “State of the Nation SME report” and was astounded by their findings.


The part of their research highlighted that current perceptions on what would happen to the business if a key person of the business were to die unexpectedly or diagnosed with a critical illness.


  • 39% did not think it would affect cash flow


  • Over 54% felt that it would not affect their relationship with their bank or creditors


  • 67% did not think it would affect their company reputation with their customers


  • 27% of employees would be fearful of losing their jobs


The most staggering statistic was 53% of all businesses surveyed, think they would cease trading in under a year.


So, the question must be, if such an event occurred, where would the money come from – personal saving, possible bank loan secured on personal assets such as your house?


By discussing this important issue with your financial advisers could assist you finding a solution that saves you from a financial nightmare. Alternatively, our Corporate Services Consultants can be contacted on 0333 2413350 who can ask your questions directly.


Nigel Taylor Financial Planning Consultant CertPFS