To do or not to do…….

2 months ago, my wife said that she thought that she might stop our pet insurance as it was costing ‘a ridiculous amount’ every month, we never claimed on it, and it just seemed a waste of money!

Roll forward just 2 months, and my wife was out with our dog, he went into some bushes, and then she suddenly heard a ‘screaming’ dog! She ran into the bushes expecting to see perhaps a dog fight or something, and there was the dog just lying on the ground holding his paw in the air. It was obvious from just looking that his leg was broken.

48 hours later following an emergency rush to the Vets, and we discover that Spaniels have an inherent fault with their bones, and the type of break he suffered is a common occurrence. A referral was made to another Vets whom specialize in orthopedic bone surgery. Like most people, we would pay whatever it costs to help this ‘member of the family’, but the cost of this walk in the woods….£4,700!

What I am alluding to, is that insurance (whatever it is protecting against) always seems an expense when you don’t claim, but it is nothing compared to the cost if you don’t have it. Many people look at expenses and consider not having life cover protection because of the cost or even reducing expenditure on what are deemed ‘non-essentials’, but what is a ‘non-essential’? If the worst case happened, how essential would that cover be at that point?

For the dog-lovers out there, I can report that the dog is doing fine, but trying to stop a Spaniel from moving is not an easy task!

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Neil Dainton Dip PFS

Financial Planner