Brexit and all that…….


So, I think everyone has now unanimously agreed that no-one genuinely knows the exact repercussions and outcomes from Brexit.
That having been said, it hasn’t deterred various political commentators and speculators from trying to detail their respective views as being ‘definite’!
I am all for free speech, individual views and input from all sides, as this must surely be the correct way for any democratic society to proceed. I also think that where there is no ‘absolute’ in any debate, then using the wisdom and experience of someone whom has the technical knowledge, past experience, and most importantly time to devote to a subject, then that person’s opinion must carry some weight in a debate.
If you look out of the window and decide that you think it’s going to rain, then would that opinion be influenced or possibly be better guided by referring to a meteorological office whose staff spend 24 hours a day expertly analysing data which you (just looking out of your window) could never have access to?
If you had a persistent debilitating pain in your leg, would you just put a bandage on it, or go to a GP for an expert opinion?
What I am alluding to, is that when it comes to Brexit, no one person really knows what will happen, but you are without doubt best served by referring to someone who with expert past experience, spends their time analyzing and considering possible outcomes and scenarios.
For most people, the direct impact that Brexit may or may not have upon them is entirely outside of their control. They can however ensure that the control of their pensions and investments is expertly monitored and considered.
Any fund manager cannot guarantee to get every decision on what will happen in markets correct every time, especially during the UKs exit from the EU, but going back to the GP analogy above, it is better to move forward armed with an expert diagnosis that considers the facts and possible outcomes, than to walk forward with a bandage that ultimately achieves nothing.
Richmond House Wealth Management believe that considered advice and then considered fund management is the best way forward. Brexit is an unknown which you cannot influence, but do not leave your finances to chance.
This information is provided strictly for general consideration only. No action must be taken or refrained from based on its contents alone. Accordingly, no responsibility can be assumed for any loss occasioned about the content hereof and any such action or inaction. Professional advice is necessary for every case.

Neil Dainton Dip PFS
Financial Planner