GDPR Are we over it before it’s started?

Any of these headlines ringing a bell? GDPR is here and our inboxes have gone crazy! The spam emails now have an excuse to email us and my goodness they are taking the initiative.


So what is it and how does it effect us. GDPR is an EU directive to define what companies and and can’t do with our data. This is great news for us as consumers as these companies can only use our data the way we expect them to, if you sign up for emails then that is exactly what you get, no texts or letters and no more selling our email addresses to spam artists or marketing companies. You can ask for your information to be deleted from certain institutions too so total peace of mind.


For businesses though it has been a huge amount of work and, as ever with EU directives, there are many little nuances that have to be adhered to but ultimately it will protect the businesses too.


As a business, Richmond House have updated our privacy policy to make sure we comply. This will ensure that you still get the newsletters and valuations you are expecting. If you have any questions then please ask your adviser.


The rules go live on the 25th of May so use this opportunity wisely to get rid of some of the unwanted emails and clean up that inbox!


Wendy Devlin Dip CII, CeFA, CeMap (MP & ER)