Can your business become the next Amazon, Apple, Virgin, WPP et al?

Both Apple and Amazon reported amazing figures recently and I started to think how do they continually beat market expectations, every year. If you google: “how to build a successful business” there are loads of tips, ideas and pre-requisites. However, they all miss the most important thing – people!

In my opinion, it’s people who create the intellectual property of any business. Sure, they need direction from the Board, but a Board that empowers staff to come up with new thinking, new ideas, new processes etc. are the real winners.

As individuals, we like to express our opinions inside and outside of the office. Most individuals like to “belong” to an organisation or a team. Look at the great fan base of football teams such as Man United, Barca, Real Madrid to name a few. The huge numbers of fans who tuned into the recent NFL Super Bowl.

If a business develops a culture that embraces change through dialogue of the employees, then anything is possible. I am great believer that successful businesses grow the “bottom line” by attracting talented people who want to work for an employer that offers a comprehensive package of benefits, and to reward existing staff members.

I have been with Richmond House for almost 7 years and have seen the company grow by making small implementations to their business plan. Simple things such as encouraging younger members to the Board, embracing new technology, new branding and a new website. Rewarding staff members for long service, training programs, and for implementing new processes, has created an “All for one and one for All” attitude.

This company has an exciting time ahead and we want to hear from individuals who can share our vision and to engage with businesses who share our values about “employee engagement”.

The late Steve Jobs from Apple, personal ethos – “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” What satisfied him most was watching kids use Apple products in the classroom. What a visionary thinker!

Top Tip – Develop a “Mission Statement” that reflects your purpose and the reason why your business exists. You could also include a vision statement about your business ambitions, your future aspirations in 5 years’ time and the impact on your community.


Nigel Taylor Cert PFS, Dip FA